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Landlords in St. Catharines: Cottage Rentals

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 St Catharines landlords zoning bylaw

Should St. Catharines amend a zoning bylaw to allow cottage rentals?

A report in the St. Catharines Standard says a decision over a zoning bylaw to allow cottage rentals will be deferred.

The meeting to that included discussion on this issue was packed.

Most of the residents of Niagara-on-the-Green were against re-zoning and against allowing short-term home rentals on Queeston Road and the surrounding area.

Who Supports Allowing Short-Term Rentals?

Landlord Mike Halliday wants to amend the bylaw.

He said he used to rent to students in Ontario.

He feels cottage rentals will attract more mature and responsible tenants and even raise property values.

Why the Opposition?

Heather Henry owns a house across from Hallidsay’s rental property complained about excessive noise and drinking there.

Karen Glauser said allowing cottage rentals will create new problems as they could be turned into places that primarily house big parties.

There was a motion by Councilor Maria Bau-Coote to defer the change for up to 2 months. It passed meaning there will be more discussion on the issue.

If you want to start a cottage rental business we strong suggest you wait until the decision on zoning has been decide on.

It’s not a good idea for St. Catharines landlords to break the rules because the penalties and fines can be very harsh.

Landlord Issues in the News

This is just another landlord issue that has been in the news recently.

In fact, there have been more news about landlord and tenant topics recently than most people can remember.

For example, BC landlords are facing challenges from serial bad tenants who play the system and enjoy living rent free for years on end.

On a positive note, if you want good news go to the Alberta papers and there are lots of stories of Alberta landlords succeeding with low vacancy rates and fair rules for investment property owners.

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