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St. Catharines Landlords – Running Credit Checks On Tenants

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St. Catharines Landlords Running Credit Checks On Tenants

July 28, 2016

St. Catharines Landlords – It’s More Important Than Ever Before For Landlords To Choose Good Tenants Including Tenant Credit Checks and Criminal Checks

Successful St. Catharines landlords know the importance of tenants screening, including running tenant credit checks and the Ontario Landlords Association can help you begin.

This was truly brought home last month after a gruesome incident occurred against a small residential landlord.

The story comes from the St. Catharines Standard.

It’s about a landlord who was actually held hostage by his tenant. He had a load gun pointed at this head for nearly an hour in bathroom of the rental apartment.

Tenant Lured Landlord To Rental Property

The tenant rented an apartment from a small family who had had looked after him for a period of time.

The tenant became friendly with the landlord’s son, who was a teen. This led to the tenant giving a gun to the teen and teaching him how to operate it.

No Invitation To A Birthday Party

The tenant was later not invited to the teen’s birthday party and wasn’t happy about it. Because of the lack of an invitation he wanted the gun back.

He purchased another gun and ammunition and plotted his revenge.

He lured the landlord (the teenagers Father) to the rental apartment confined him to the bathroom with a gun loaded and ready.

Fortunately the landlord was eventually let go and the tenant arrested. The family fears for their safety once the tenant is released from jail.

Screen Your Tenants Carefully

This is only example of landlords being threatened or abused simply because they are renting out their property.

We’ve seen other recent cases such as an Alberta landlord who was threatened by a tenant at his office.

In British Columbia, a BC landlord in Vancouver was actually shot by a tenant who he had evicted according to this CTV news Vancouver report.

Tenant Credit Checks and Criminal Checks

In this day and age landlords need to be extremely careful who you rent to.

You can protect yourself with good tenant screening.

For example, The Toronto Star says you can join a group like the Ontario Landlords Association and begin running credit checks on your tenants.

You can also start running criminal checks to make sure you know who you are renting to with GARDA, a partner providing valuable services to Ontario Landlords Association members.

Landlords Be Careful – Make sure you screen your tenants carefully with tenant credit checks and criminal checks!

Join the Ontario Landlords Association and begin running premium credit checks for only $10/check and start using documents from the Ontario Landlord Rental Kit.

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Landlords in St. Catharines: Cottage Rentals

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 St Catharines landlords zoning bylaw

Should St. Catharines amend a zoning bylaw to allow cottage rentals?

A report in the St. Catharines Standard says a decision over a zoning bylaw to allow cottage rentals will be deferred.

The meeting to that included discussion on this issue was packed.

Most of the residents of Niagara-on-the-Green were against re-zoning and against allowing short-term home rentals on Queeston Road and the surrounding area.

Who Supports Allowing Short-Term Rentals?

Landlord Mike Halliday wants to amend the bylaw.

He said he used to rent to students in Ontario.

He feels cottage rentals will attract more mature and responsible tenants and even raise property values.

Why the Opposition?

Heather Henry owns a house across from Hallidsay’s rental property complained about excessive noise and drinking there.

Karen Glauser said allowing cottage rentals will create new problems as they could be turned into places that primarily house big parties.

There was a motion by Councilor Maria Bau-Coote to defer the change for up to 2 months. It passed meaning there will be more discussion on the issue.

If you want to start a cottage rental business we strong suggest you wait until the decision on zoning has been decide on.

It’s not a good idea for St. Catharines landlords to break the rules because the penalties and fines can be very harsh.

Landlord Issues in the News

This is just another landlord issue that has been in the news recently.

In fact, there have been more news about landlord and tenant topics recently than most people can remember.

For example, BC landlords are facing challenges from serial bad tenants who play the system and enjoy living rent free for years on end.

On a positive note, if you want good news go to the Alberta papers and there are lots of stories of Alberta landlords succeeding with low vacancy rates and fair rules for investment property owners.

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St. Catharines Landlords: Fire Safety

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 St. Catharines landlords fire safety

Landlords Make Sure Your Rentals Are Safe With Working Smoke Alarms

It looks to be a great new year for landlords in St. Catharines and the entire Niagara region.

There are lots of good tenants around and more St. Catharines landlords are doing proper tenant screening to find and rent to these good tenants.

Good tenant screening, including tenant credit checks and criminal checks, are also keeping the bad tenants out of our rental properties!

Make Fire Safety a Priority in 2014

Experienced and successful landlords know the secrets to running profitable rental properties.

One of the most important tips they provide is the important of making your rentals safe and your tenants secure.

Fire Safety

The Ontario Landlords Association discussed fire safety for rental units in our region before.

They told the story of a couple landlords who created some illegal and unregistered basement units and didn’t take their tenants safety seriously.

One of the landlords was fined $5,500 for having illegal units, and with proper smoke alarms.

Another landlord was fined $7,000 for failing to maintain smoke alarms and the for having an illegal basement suite.

And this isn’t just happening here.

Ottawa landlords are also making fire safety a priority after some recent incidents.

More Warnings and Fines

According to Bullet News Niagara there have been more fines laid on landlords.

Another St. Catharines landlord plead guilty to several Ontario Fire Code violations and ended up paying fines over $2,500.

The violations were for not maintaining working smoke alarms in the rental property.

Yet another St. Catharines landlord was fined over $4,000 for the same offenses.

Maintain Smoke Alarms and Other Fire Protection Devices in Your Rentals

St. Catharines Fire Services has some good advice for landlords.

While tenants should check their smoke alarms carefully, it’s ultimately the responsibility of the landlord to make sure the alarms are working. 

The City of St. Catharines has a very helpful handbook called “Rental Housing: Things Tenants Should Know.”

It’s also useful reading for residential landlords.

St. Catharines Landlords 2014

We have a big year ahead of us.

Make fire safety and tenant screening part of your rental business in  the new year.

In the following months we will discuss other issues important for landlord success.

To Discuss this and other landlord issues go to the Ontario Landlord Forum.

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Niagara Falls Landlords: Con Man Pretends To Be A Landlord

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 St. Catharines landlords Niagara Falls Landlords tenants

Welcome back to our site.

Our goal is to provide St. Catharines landlords with news, assist in networking and share tips and advice.

By teaming together we can help landlords throughout our region deal with challenges and take advantage of the opportunities.

Important News For Landlords and Tenants

Qualified tenants in our region are looking for well maintained housing operated by professional landlords.

Landlords are of course looking for these qualified tenants.

One look at the Ontario Landlords Association forum and we can see the problems bad tenants can do.

Smart landlords will do proper tenant screening and find great tenants.

These tenants will pay rent on time and respect the rental property they live in and the landlord who is providing it to them.

Scammer Targets Good Landlords and Good Tenants

According to a report in the St. Catharines Standard tenants and landlords in Niagara Falls need to watch out.

Reports flooded in to the Niagara Regional Police from prospective tenants who wanted to rent a nice property.

One Prospective Tenant is Out $2400

Prospective tenant Naomi Irwin saw a rental home and wanted to move in.

It was everything she wanted in a rental property.  Large, new, with lots of bedrooms and bathrooms for her and her four children.

Irwin was so excited about the property she borrowed some money from her brother to help cover ‘first and last’ so she and her family could move in on January 1st, 2014.

It was to be a great start for her and her family in the New year.

The Scam Was On

Irwin said the “landlord” said he needed first and last months rent fast because he was soon taking off to British Columbia.

He said he wanted to make sure he had the property rented before he left and needed the money asap.

After payment, she would meet a broker. During that meeting she would sign the lease and the broker would give her the keys to the rental property.

The “Landlord” Didn’t Own The Rental Property

After paying Irwin found the ‘broker’ wasn’t the real landlord. She is now out a lot money and now struggling to find another place to rent.

Brody Racine has been charged with four counts of fraud. The charges allege he rented a house he doesn’t really own.

Good Tenants And Good Landlords

There are a lot of good tenants out there and they want to find good landlords.

Make sure you do what it takes to show a potential tenant you own the property and make them feel as secure renting from you as you want to feel renting to them.

Take the extra effort to not only show you are the real landlord, but you are an exceptional landlord.

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St. Catharines Landlords

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 St. Catharines landlords welcome

November 5, 2013

Welcome to all St. Catharines landlords out there.

As landlords ourselves we have created this site to help landlords in St. Catharines.

We want to better networking for us, as well as a place to share news, advice and helpful tips to each other.

Knowledge is power and by raising our awareness and skills as landlords we can all better succeed and handle all the challenges we face.

Opportunities for Being a Landlord

There are lots of qualified tenants who want to rent our basement units or investment properties.

The real estate market is looking better this year and we hope for the best in 2014. Good tenants, paying rent on time creating cash-flow and our properties appreciating is what everyone wants.

However, let’s face it. Being a landlord isn’t how Scott McGillivray and Income Property on HGTV like to show it as.

There are Lots of Challenges Out There

There are lots of challenges out there for St. Catharines landlords and landlords all over Ontario.

The challenges include:

1. Making Sure Your Rental Property Is Safe

A St. Catharines landlord was fined $1,500 not long ago.


She didn’t install a fire alarm outside of a bedroom at her Niagara Street rental property.

It’s important to do regular safety inspections of your properties and we’ll make sure everyone knows it.

Renting To Good Tenants

There are so many stories out there of bad tenants using the Landlord and Tenant Board leading to landlords losing thousands of dollars.

One recent story is a couple of tenants who have a license to grow their own marijuana.

While making their grow-op the tenants have caused over $20,000 in damages to the rental unit. The landlord has spent the past year trying to evict them.

He’s still trying.

Helping St. Catharines Landlords Succeed

In the coming months we will discuss how to protect yourself and your rental properties.

This will include discussion and news on everything from fire safety to how to do tenant credit checks.

St. Catharines Landlords Know the Opportunities and the Challenges Out There and We Will Cooperate Together for Success.

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